Top beers created by our regular guests and our staff.  Take the most innovative brewery in the country and innovate some more and this is what you get - Beer Alchemy.  Dogfish beers that have been transformed in mysterious and impressive ways.

Beer Alchemy

Palo 60

Palo Santo perfectly balanced with 60 Minute IPA to create a slightly hoppy yet malty brown ale.
9% ABV

Sea 90

SeaQuench & 90 Minute IPA mixed for a malt forward & slight tart flavor. 7% ABV

Hazy Eight

Fruity & sour yet hazy and hoppy blend of Hazy Ripple IPA & SuperEIGHT, the best of both worlds!
6.2% ABV

Heaven & Hell

The Holy Grail of black & tans, World Wide Stout blended over 120 Minute IPA.
18% ABV

Super 90

Malty IPA deliciousness with fruity sour notes in this cocktail of SuperEIGHT & 90 Minute IPA.
7.2% ABV


A super sour and fruity thirst-quenching blend of SuperEIGHT & SeaQuench.
5% ABV


Slightly Mighty & SeaQuench come together for a low-calorie slightly sour slightly citrusy IPA.

Alehouse 75

Our longest-living blend and favorite of our staff and regulars, the hoppiness of 60 Minute IPA is complimented by the maltiness of the 90 Minute IPA.
7.5% ABV

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