A glass of Puddin' Wine on top of a barrel.Uniquely odd, yet semi-traditional, Puddin’ Wine is a collaboration with our ‘brothers from another mother,’ Todd and Jason Alstöm of BeerAdvocate.

Looking to Jason’s legendary Christmas pudding recipe as inspiration, this English-style Barleywine delivers an infusion of flavors through the addition of sultanas, cherries, black currants, plums, dark brown sugar and hazelnuts.

Brewed with a blend of Maris Otter, Pils and dark crystal malts alongside a bit of toasted wheat, Puddin’ Wine is then rounded out by aging on Terra d’Oro Zinfandel Port barrels for a full 6 months. The result is a full-bodied beer brimming with notes of dark pit fruit, smooth caramel and toffee.